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The Year In Pictures

The Best of The Best 2022


Running Out

Northside Christian Academy Football 2022

Smoke, lights, and Friday Nights and it all starts as the team runs out on the field.  Senior Dylan Judy leads the Crusader's out on the field to highlight photo #8.

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Graduation Celebration

One of two twins from Lexington High School 2022

Typically you toss the hat at graduation, but this Lexington High Senior decided to take to the air with his cap and gown to celebrate.  Michael Jordan doesn't have anything on our photo #7.

2017 Logo gold.png

A Walk To Remember

Grey High School Senior Celebrates

Inspired by another photograph, this Grey student wanted to celebrate her Senior pictures in the perfect field setting.  Photograph #6 is a walk to remember.

2017 Logo gold.png

Sweet Christmas Dreams

The youngest Gregory thinks about Christmas to come

Christmas memories through the eyes of a sweet little one during one of our mini sessions had captured our imagination.  The look alone are what Christmas dreams and memories are all about and that is why this photo is photo #5.

2017 Logo gold.png


Celebrating Outdoors

The great outdoors for a birthday celebration is always a great idea, but doing it on ATV's with your friends is even better.  Our photo #4, is full of splatters of mud and clouds of dust.

2017 Logo gold.png

Perfect Pitch

Airport High Senior Impresses

This past spring we got the opportunity to hit the diamond at Airport High School to capture this fastball dealing Senior.  During the session the sun and clouds made this photo #3 on our list.

2017 Logo gold.png

Game Time

Hitting The Court

Recently taken, this photo was a last minute idea that has become our #2 photo of the year.  I camped out behind the team bench as the team was being announced to the crowd.  The motion and emotion struck us and we cannot get this picture out of our mind.

2017 Logo gold.png

Floating On The Lake

Our Picture of The Year 2022

During a Senior session on the lake during the summer, the opportunity to capture this kaiak on the water's edge presented itself.  On this particular session, I was trying a darker more natural light setting to see the definition and contrast.  When looking at photos of the year, this one captured our eye and continued to rise to the top, so we are pleased to announce our photo of the year for 2022.

2017 Logo gold.png
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